Dear Park Friends,

The Partnership for Providence Parks (PPP) is filled with playful staff, playful parks and playful friends. We invite you to watch our Playful Parks People video for 2016 to see us all playing in our city’s vibrant parks. Playful Parks People will be playing once again in our city’s 113 parks in 2017. Will you be one of them?

Play On,

Helene Miller
Director, Partnership for Providence Parks

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We are pleased to announce a great new line-up of workshops this year! There are several new workshops, including “Tool Box Talks” with the Parks’ Department Maintenance crews; Community Gardens’ Best Practices; New Mapping Portals For Our Parks; and What to Expect When Doing A Community Build In Your Park.

Providence-Parks-Academy 2016 provides a complete listing and description of each workshop.

To register for all workshops please click here and complete all required fields.

If you have any questions, please contact Lesley Lambert at Lesley@Providenceparks.org.

Earth Day Spring Cleaning at Roger Williams Park.

Dear Park Friends,

There is much to look forward to in our parks in this new year! Although the parks seem quiet in the winter, Partnership staff and our friends’ groups are indeed busy this whole season.
To begin with, the Partnership is now planning our Parks Academy 2016. We are excited to once again offer our informative workshops led by leaders and experts in the fields of play, playground design and maintenance, community gardens, volunteerism, events, outdoor fitness, social media and urban wildlife—all topics vital to the successful activation and use of city parks, green spaces and recreation centers. We are particularly pleased to announce our new topics including Community Builds with the Parks Department, Using our new park mapping program, playground safety inspections, and a new “best Practices” guide book to community gardens. As always, these workshops are free and open to all. Note that email registration will be available and posted on our website (www.providenceparks.org) by January 31.

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Want a bit of inspiration to get involved in Earth Day Spring Cleaning 2015 on April 25, Check out this awesome video of our neighbors working together to make Providence sparkle


The Parks Academy Workshops Series provides the basics for building and
strengthening the capacity of volunteer groups (Friends). The series offers both
organizational development and content based classes. With these fundamentals
in place, Friends are better positioned to bring sustainable programming and
resources to their parks. As part of this process, the groups grow and share
information and resources. Additionally, they are a great way to meet new people and learn about our city!

Due to low enrollment, the February 4th workshop, Accessing and Retaining Volunteers will be scheduled on an as needed basis. If you and your organization are interested in learning more about Serve Rhode Island and their resources for accessing, retaining and managing volunteers, please email wendy@providenceparks.org to arrange a group session.

Parks Academy 2015 Schedule

Registration. All classes are free.

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September 2014 Partnership News


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Free Seeds from URI Outreach Center

A great opportunity for schools and community groups to get FREE SEEDS until March 15, 2014. Vegetable, flower, and herb seed packets are now available to order by schools, Boy Scout & Girl Scout troops, 4-H Clubs, community gardens, and educational/nonprofit groups for the price of postage.
Pop-Up Adventure Play Resources 

Great Resources from out Friends at Pop-Up Adventure Play:

Here is a link to your free Mini Pop-Up Kit. This kit builds on our work with children around the world to help you support child-directed play for children in your home or local community. We are also pleased to click announce that you can now download the Mini Pop-Up Kit in Spanish! Descargue aquí el Mini Pop-Up kit en español. You can also download our Amazing Benefits of Child-Directed Play, which can be a great resource if you’d like to advocate for play where you live. Please share with neighbors, teachers, or pediatricians – anyone who can help to support play.