Partnership Board

The Partnership for Providence Parks is excited to announce changes to its board for the 2017 year!

Helene Miller — Executive Director

Formerly our Interim Director, Helene has been installed as the new Executive Director of the Partnership. For those who do not know her, (which doesn’t seem likely, given her ubiquity in the Providence Parks and Recreation sphere!) Helene is a Providence resident and has served on the Partnership Board and as the Officer of Play since 2013.  Helene is a toy inventor, specializing in designing large scale functional works of art which encourage play across ability, gender, and generations. She was the Curator of the Artball, a NYC-wide juried prize for new artists hosted by the Children’s Museum of the Arts; and locally, Curator of the Unicorns in Residence project. Helene has extensive experience managing complex projects and developing unique and meaningful partnerships. She lives and plays in and around Providence Parks and Recreation Centers with her husband, four sons, and two dogs.

Christy Clausen — Board President

Christy is the newly elected Board President of the Partnership. She has served on the Partnership Board since 2014. She has worked as a Health & Wellness professional in Providence since 2006. Most recently, she worked with the YMCA of Greater Providence as its Community Outreach Director and continues her association with the Y as a Regional Food Service Facilitator, Anti-Hunger Initiative for the YMCA OF THE USA. Christy has overseen the Partnership’s Fitness in the Parks since the program began and advises on the Partnership’s Food Literacy initiatives and PlayCorps programming. Her energy, deep knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for play, physical activities and access to healthy meals/foods makes her uniquely suited to this key leadership role.

Geoffry Meek — Board Treasurer

Geoffry is a resident of Providence and a regular user of the city’s parks. He is a founding board member of the Partnership. He’s a technologist specializing in content management systems, and brings with him expertise in directing how technology is leveraged to align and execute our park goals. Geoff is also an Officer (Treasurer) of Independent Media Productions, a nonprofit that he joined to help guide them from bankruptcy and restart publication of their flagship independent media magazine—The Independent. He has many years of experience as an entrepreneur and advisor to companies—for-profit and not.

Carmen Recalde-Russo — Board Secretary

Carmen is newly elected to the Board and represents our 40+ park friends groups. She is the Director of Community Engagement for the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  Carmen is also our new Board Secretary. Carmen is also a resident of our city where she lives with her husband and twin daughters. They have been integral and instrumental in rebuilding and transforming the Viscolosi Park with other members of this park’s friends group, the Parks Department, and Councilwoman Ryan.

Wendy Nilsson — Founder and Board Member

Wendy is the Founder of the Partnership and former Executive Director. Currently, she serves as the Superintendent of Providence Parks and Recreation and also as a Partnership Board Member.

Christina Hom — Board Member

Christina is newly elected to the Board of the Partnership. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having been both the intern (2014) and Program Coordinator (2015) of the Fitness in the Parks program. Christina is thrilled to not only bring her public health and social media skills to the Board, but also to be an advocate of play, physical activity, and community in our neighborhood parks. Since the fall of 2013, Christina has been a resident of Providence where she attained her Masters in Public Health degree and now serves officially as the Fiscal Coordinator (and unofficially the Social Media Coordinator) for the City of Providence’s Healthy Communities Office.