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Resources for your Group

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Resources for your Park

The Community Partnership Coordinator develops city-wide partnerships for volunteers, resources and materials, and programming and events that will be available for Friends Groups to access (some of these may be competitive). Additionally, The Community Partnership Coordinotor works with Friends groups to provide advice and technical support that will help groups thrive, such as how to:

  • Form a Friends Group
  • Lead a Friends Group
  • Formalize the structure of the Friends Group
  • Work with the City and Parks Department
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Plan successful events
  • Write Grants
  • Fund raise
  • Build business and community organization partnerships
  • Host on-going programs

Examples of programming and event partnerships include: Providence libraries that offer story hours in parks, a network for Geo-caching, fitness classes through the YMCA, All Children’s Theater performances, The Children’s Museum Mobile Imagination Playground, Parkour for teens, Girls on the Run, Groundworks, New Urban Arts, and the Southside Community Land Trust. In addition, the Partnership will highlight Arts Culture and Tourism and Parks and Recreation programs that are available (the Fun Bus, the Neighborhood Performing Arts Initiative, running clubs, etc.). It will be important to identify area businesses that are willing to donate materials (huge tires as seen at several parks, plants that may need a little TLC, Playground equipment that can be repurposed, etc.). Also competitively available by application will be the opportunity for Friends Groups to construct a custom “green” playground to be built with a local contractor. We are discussing ways The Rhode Island School of Design can provide groups with an opportunity to work with architecture studies graduate students to revitalize their park using recycled and repurposed materials. In many instances, park projects will take additional volunteers. For this reason the Partnership will maintain a clearinghouse of corps of volunteers that may be available to your group for events, community builds, on-going maintenance, etc. For groups that may want to take advantage of other opportunities, we will maintain a clearinghouse of Grant and funding opportunities

Some of these events will be available to any group interested in hosting them at their park, other events will require an application. Parks that have active involvement and support of a Friends Group will be given priority.