Contact your local landscapers and florists to see if they have any left over plants or hardscape materials you can use in your park. Try junk yards for things like big tires for kids to play on or adults to work out on. Schedule a meeting with Wendy and community partners to brainstorm materials and ideas.

Free Seeds
The Master Gardener Program at URI Has free seeds avaiable to non-profits and park groups

The Department of Public Works has large stones, pavement pavers, and other materials ready to repurpose in your park. Come with a creative mind.
Contact: TBA

Older Equipment
The Department of Parks and Recreation has stockpiled old equipment that may not have been a good fit for one park, but maybe for another. Link Available Soon

Trees 20/20
Offers trees at a drastic discount to Park groups. Contact Ray Perrault at

Providence Parks Green Build

Based on a model community build project at Brown Street Park in 2010, Site Specific, LLC has generously volunteered to partner with the Department of Parks and Recreation and a neighborhood “friends of the park” group to build a custom play structure/area using recycled and repurposed materials. Additionally, Site Specific will work with a corps of volunteer contractors who will assist and are committed to achieving the goals for our city’s parks.


We prioritize:

  1. groups and projects devoted to making a sustainable commitment to their park.
  2. established volunteer groups over non-profits with paid staff and more abundant sources of funding.
  3. groups that make a commitment to conserving resources.
  4. groups that have had proven success mobilizing the community (Park clean-ups, community Builds).
  5. groups that will be able to solicit additional funding not to exceed 1,200.00 if needed and low or no cost materials identified by the contractor (tire, logs, tree stumps, etc.).
  6. groups that will be fun and actively involved (doing work as needed, checking in on the project, offering the workers snacks and beverages).

A minimum membership of 3-5 core members who meet regularly.

A demonstrable track record of accomplishments and plans for increasing usage of the park through programming (clean-ups, programs at park, community builds, other activities)

The scope of the project will be 20,000-30,000 in labor and materials depending on the project selected.

Groups selected will be required to raise an additional 1,200.00 of funds for materials and procure additional low or no cost materials identified by the contractor and recruit 5-10 volunteers to assist with the build. Groups will also be required to promote the new park and develop a maintenance plan with the City

Deadline is November 1, 2012
Applications must be received, not postmarked, on the deadline.
Expect to hear notification about your proposal 2-4 weeks after the deadline. Please schedule your project to accommodate this review period.
The term of the grant is 6 months; we expect that the grant project will be completed within 6 months of notification.
A report, including copies of receipts or invoices illustrating how additional funds were spent, is due at the end of the grant term.
Failing to submit the report on time will impact your eligibility
for subsequent grants and partnership activities.

Who can apply?

  1. Community groups with projects taking place on Providence Department of Parks & Recreation property throughout the city.
  2. Finalists will be required to meet with representatives from the Partnership for Providence Parks and Recreation and Site Specific to discuss the final design, responsibilities, expectations and a time line/work plan.

Organizations with 501(c)(3) status or with a fiscal sponsor with 501(c)(3) status may apply. Please contact us if you need help securing fiscal sponsorship.